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Bibi'z Restaurant | Lounge

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Bibi’z is a restaurant near New York. manhattan is less than 30 minutes away.

Bibi’z is a restaurant situated in Westwood, NJ. We understand that what you can do in a New York minute. But, the value we offer to you exceeds expectations.

We offer a wide variety of Global American cuisine from you to choice from. We’ve also been honored by Best of Bergen County for restaurants in consecutive years. We were able to achieve this through hard work and family effort to reach these wonderful milestones.

Doing it well is sourcing the best that we can in gluten-free, healthy and sustainable foods, by starting with the best and infusing every dish with Love!

You can taste the love in what we do. Which is provide you with an award winning dining experience. We love pleasing people with delicious food.  And letting them enjoy their evening away from the sirens, bells, and whistles that the city has to offer.


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